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With the form below, you can update the information as shown on the Kunstvlaai 2012 website. As soon as you enter your initiatives website, an introduction text or provide date for the contact-info section, this information will be displayed as an information window. The name of your initiative in the participants list will act as a link to this information window.


In this "introductory text" section, you can add a short description of what your initiative is about, its goals, and what you will offer to the visitors at the Kunstvlaai 2012.

introductory text

In this section, you can add one or more media items that will be shown in your initiative's information window.

You can either provide:
-ONE link to a movie residing on YouTube or Vimeo,
-upload up to five images; if more than one image is uploaded, the images will be presented as a automatic slideshow.

Please note the following:
-As soon as you provide a link to a YouTube or Vimeo movie, only this movie will be presented in your initiative's information window; other media items that have been or will be uploaded are not displayed on the website
-You can upload an image file in either jpg, gif, or png format. They will be automatically resized to a proper, standardized display size.

There are no media items yet.

You can upload an image:

You can add a link to a YouTube movie here.
You may fill in:
-the YouTube movie-id, or
-a URL like http://www.youtube.com/v=123123123, or
-a URL like http://www.youtu.be/123123123.

You may also add a link to a movie residing on Vimeo.
Fill in:
-the URL like http://vimeo.com/xxxxxx
-the URL like http://player.vimeo.com/video/xxxxxxx.

Special programme items are listed within the programme section of the website. Those items will be automatically listed in your initiative information window as well.

The Kunstvlaai has not yet added any programme items for your initiative. Adding of those items cannot be performed using this form.

In this "contact info" section, you can add ways in which your initiative may be contacted.

contact info