kunstvlaai 2014
opening speech by jean bernard koeman

On May 21 2014, 18:30hrs, we were honored by some beautiful and inspiring words by Jean Bernard Koeman, that he spoke at the opening of kunstvlaai 2014.

To read the text click here (PDF).


Official opening Kunstvlaai May 21 from 18:00h – 22:00h

We hope to see you on Wednesday, May 21 from 18.00 to 22.00 hrs at the Amstelpark in Amsterdam-Zuid. At 18.30 hrs, Kunstvlaai will be officially opened by artist Jean Bernard Koeman. The Fanfare van de Eerste Liefdesnacht gives an unofficial tour along the spatial interventions in the park. Oedipus Festivlaai serves food and drinks.

The opening ceremony starts at the Rietveld Pavilion.
The Red Bridge serves as the main entrance to Kunstvlaai.

Special multiples made for Kunstvlaai

Kunstvlaai takes place in a public park, therefore the event is free of charge. Three artists are asked to make portable multiples - like 'jewelry'. These artists are Frank Koolen, Rory Pilgrim and Freek Wambacq. By wearing these multiples you make your support to Kunstvlaai visible. Photograph: Frank Koolen's 'wish straps'.


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Photograph: Rory Pilgrim's 'bandana'.


photograph: 'Umbrella holding (wo)man' by Freek Wambacq

Casco presents Aimée Zito Lema's (Un)usual Business School of Cooperation at Kunstvlaai, 21 & 22 May, during the afternoon

"We learn how to be together before we learn how to stand apart", Richard Sennett (2012). 

Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory extends a leg of its recently opened exhibition New Habits and continues (Un)usual Business School of Cooperation, a serial project by Amsterdam based artist Aimée Zito Lema, whereby participants work together to acquire a particular set of skills, in this case: recycling/building/cooperation. Recycled materials from in and around the Amstelpark will be made into a tent, to host a newly joint cooperative, which includes the workshop participants and the Kunstvlaai public! 

To participate please contact Yolande van der Heide at yolande@cascoprojects.org, join us!

Wilson Project Space presents 'The Art of Parking

At Kunstvlaai Wilson Project Space will present an intently cohesive intervention, in an attempt to stitch back together landscape and man, in response to the identity crisis that currently dominates Europe. Mediterranean Thought, recently defined as the blue pit from which to draw some answers in these confusing times, suggests an original image of common understanding.


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Q presents Sam Porritt, Make Your Mark They Say

Q is a project by Annette Amberg and Manuela Schlumpf of which the inauguration takes place - in collaboration with the artist Sam Porritt - at Kunstvlaai 2014.

Sam Porritt, Make Your Mark They Say

With his work Make Your Mark They Say British artist Sam Porritt sites a series of engraved brass plaques on the existing Amstelpark benches. This work draws on the common usage of plaques to commemorate the gift of a bench to a place. Here, Porritt’s series of eleven plaques evade such a specific commemorative function by widening their remit to question our understanding of posterity and memorial.

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Dutch art magazine Tubelight publishes special Kunstvlaai edition

Dutch art magazine Tubelight will publish a special Kunstvlaai edition that will be available during the Kunstvlaai. This special edition will shed light on several Dutch and foreign art(ist-run) initiatives that will participate in Kunstvlaai 2014.


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